Monday 13 May 2013

Day 42 - The Final Countdown

Essentially I've finished. I've some videos to edit/upload and pictures from a previous day (control panel creation/wiring) but I'm too excited so thought I'd pop these up now anyway :)

Thanks to Harry for the extra hands, tools and woodworking skills, Pierre for the tank, lettering and other artistic direction, Calla for the drill press and creation of a LED block, Brian for spraying and everything else, plus a few others....

Feel free to pop round for a game or two of something.


  1. Very good job, love the artwork ! i found your blog when i was looking for t-molding videos and the results from your work are very cool. Take a look at my job if you want
    your videos are very usefull for me thanks

  2. Hi Neil, Just want to say your build has helped me loads... Mine is nowhere near as good as yours but hopefully my version 2 will be an improvement. As it happens I'm in your neck of the woods as I noticed your Mackem accent, I'm in Sunderland too so if you want to catch up and give me some tips then I'll buy you a beer. Graeme