Monday 6 May 2013

Day 40  - Control Panel Is Born

With the plastic cut yesterday, I cut out the marquee and mounted it. The aluminium is screwed in at the top (for changing/access) and bonded to the wood using contact adhesive at the bottom.

I fitted the pinball buttons (also double as left/right mouse buttons I hope). Rather fetching I think and better than the black I was going to get.


After checking the trackball and buttons fitted I measured and cut out the holes for the joystick into the MDF then cut out about 3mm for the trackball to fit (as it has to span the MDF and the polycarbonate).

After this, I placed the art for the control panel onto the MDF, peeled back the protective cover for the polycarbonate and placed this on top sandwiching the art between the two.

Then just a simple matter of sticking the buttons into the holes, fitting the trackball bezel and trying it out in the cabinet.

There's some videos to be edited for this that will be uploaded shortly.

All that is left is:
1. Put on side-art tanks
2. Wire up control panel
3. Fit glass and monitor with a bezel (no idea yet, probably hardboard)
4. Play games

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